Sights Of The Season

12:09 AM

Knitting...although I think this seems to work it's way into every season for me.

Inside imagination at work for too cold to play outside days.
inside play

Traditional childhood board games that have taken on a new look.

potato soup

What are the sights of your season?

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  1. I don't think about seasonal weather a lot since the weather is gorgeous year-round here in Perth.

    If I were to define my "season" right now, it would be the staying-home-a-lot-and-nursing season. I don't resent it, but sometimes it seems really long. That's when I tell myself - it's only a season!

  2. Soups are an absolute favorite around here ... but the seasons have very little to do with that because the differences aren't all that noticeable. SoCal, you know.

  3. Stacks and stacks of papers to grade... :(

  4. Limeade is our favorite right own, often walks to the park and lots of water. Emma Grace looks so cute on that picture!

  5. Mmmmm, that soup looks so good!!!! And I think thats Battleship Joshua is playing with right??? You can't even buy the classic Battleship anymore and I really don't like the new version not even a little. I guess if I grew up with it it would be different but I'm vintage battleship all the way... sooo, I had to buy it on Ebay... and then I bought a bag of pegs to last a lifetime.... all set. :)


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