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12:17 AM

I made some old favorites this week! It was cold, and cold weather always calls for soups and stews!  White chili and traditional chili.  Both are awesome with corn bread.  On the white chili, it was the first time I used canned chilies (I couldn't find fresh).  Big mistake!  While it was easy on the kid's palette, it tasted bland to us adults who are used to it much spicier!  I would rather take some out for the kids and then add the fresh chilies!


I also made a new recipe this week.  Emeril's Broccoli Cheese Soup.  Yum!  I used fresh broccoli instead of frozen and opted not to add the 2 tablespoons of butter at the end.  It tasted great without it, so I figured it could do without!

broccoli cheese soup

Do you have any favorite winter soups or stews?  If so, please share!  It's cold!  Tonight on the menu is potato soup!

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  1. I have always wondered about cornbread thanx for the link. We love chilli but have never tried white chilli and that brocoli soup....YUM can hardly wait for a cool change around here to try em out!!

    I made a curried cauliflower soup when my cauli's were ripe and it was really warming!

    My old stand by's are pumpkin (made by roasting red onions and pumpkins with cracked black pepper and thyme) then blending with stock (chicken or vege) to make soup!!

    Red lentil is another fave add chilli to taste YUM and bacon bone (a bit of a pea and ham kind of thing I can email you the recipe if you like let me know!)

    Good luck with the winter warming we have been watching about the snowy weather over your way on the weather.... brrrr seems outer this world given our 40C + lately!

  2. Ok, here's one of my new favorite soups: Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup. I changed it a bit to use ingredients on hand, and we each added our own sour cream and a bit of cheese at the table. (I haven't tried it with avocado or cilantro yet, but I know that will make it even yummier, if that is possible.) Enjoy!

  3. I make a garden vegetable soup that is a weightwatcher's recipes. Basically it's an everything but the kitchen sink vegetable soup with tomato paste and oregano etc. Super yummy and hearty.

    Where are you guys at right now?

  4. Yumm!!! Soup has been what we've been doing a lot of lately...It has been sooo cold around here, that soup is definitely perfect.

    Chili, stew, cornbread all are great too! My hubby's mom's Portuguese Bean soup is so tasty.

    Blessings & Aloha!

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