Wedding Obsession?

12:14 AM

My daughter has been obsessed with this photo lately...

our wedding

As a result of constantly carrying it around with her, creating a "desk" with this as a fixture, and arranging "parties" with this as a focus point, she started asking, "Where is your wedding dress?"  Luckily, we are staying at my parent's house, and that special dress has lived in one of their closets the past 10 years (10 years?  I can't believe it's really been 10 years!)  So I pulled it out to show her.  She loved it!  Then she asked me to try it on!  I tried to explain that I was a bit, shall we say, thinner then.  Ten years and 2 kids later, and I'm not the same size.  It didn't register.  She still wanted me to try it on.  So I did...



I couldn't believe it!  The zipper went all the way up without sucking in air!  That made my day.  And then came the memories!  I remember poring through wedding magazines until I found the dress I loved.  A long time friend of my mother's sewed it for me, and it turned out perfect.  Simple and lovely.

flowers and pearls


I was amazed at how much this little girl knew about weddings and wedding dresses.  She informed me that the veil went over my face until daddy lifted it to kiss me.  She carried the train for me as I walked into the living room. 


And then she informed me that I looked like I was on a cloud.  I love this little girl!  She has this amazing ability to make me feel like I'm the most beautiful mama in the world!

me and my girl

She's already told me that she is wearing this dress when she gets married.  I love how little girls want to be like their mamas!

little bride?

By the way, thanks for your comments and prayers yesterday.  I try not to negatively rant and rave in this space, because I want it to be uplifting and positive.  I also want to be real.  Thanks for letting me do that!

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  1. What fantastic memories made with your little girl.

    You could include those photos in a slideshow you might could show at her wedding rehearsal.....

    I know...I know....don't talk about that, right?!

    I have 4 of those sweet little things...I know how you feel!!

    As ALWAYS, beautiful photos!

  2. What a wonderful moment with your precious daughter! And, GREAT pictures to prove it!!

  3. This is such a sweet post! I think that is so cool that you were able to dress up as the bride you were 10 years ago! FUN FUN! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. This is such a precious, sweet memory together, makes we want to have a daughter in the worst way!

  5. I wanted to try on my wedding dress on my 10th anniversary but I was sure it wouldn't fit - 10 years and 2 kids later, things are definitely proportioned differently. my daughter, Audrey (5), kept asking and Brett encouraged me, saying that he was sure it would still fit. So I tried it on and it didn't fit! No matter how much I sucked in I couldn't get it all the way zipped! Still, Audrey and Brett went on and on about how beautiful I looked in it! I told Audrey that she could wear the dress for her wedding if she wanted to. With a "Thanks, but no thanks" face she told me very matter of factly, "Um, Mom, it looks pretty but when I get married, I want a dress with no straps". I'm still trying to figure out how she even knew that there are dresses with no straps.

  6. Lovely!!

    It's hard for me to imagine ever again being as thin as I was on my wedding day. Ben and I both laugh at our wedding pictures - it is quite obvious that we had spent all our money on phone calls fostering our long-distance relationship, rather than on trivialities like food! :)


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