What Is A Home?

12:11 AM

I've actually already written a post with this title.  However, it was in a totally different context than I'm contemplating now.  This just happens to be the topic of my first journal entry.  I'll be honest here.  I've been struggling lately with my current lack of a home.  Don't get me wrong.  Everyone we have stayed with have been awesome.  It's not that at all.  But after a difficult year of our living situation consisting of sharing a house with short-term teams and sharing a kitchen with other staff, I'm just ready for a place of my own.

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In the work that we do, we always say that home "is more than four walls and a roof, but it starts there..."  Yes, it starts there.  I would definitely agree with that.  I've always prided myself on thinking I could live anywhere, in any situation, but without a proper home this past year, I have felt the life being sucked out of me.  I think that has added to my weariness, and it has been difficult to walk out our family's core values.

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So what is a home?  I think it's a place to call your own.  To build memories.  To practice hospitality.  To walk out your family's values.  I love making a place where the presence and peace of Jesus is felt.  The size and shape doesn't necessarily matter to me.  Although, under that roof and inside those four walls, I really desire a kitchen, bathroom, a couple of bedrooms, and a living room!  A place of our very own.

purple flowers

So as not too get too long here, I'm going to wrap up my little post here.  Please pray for us as we continue to look for a place and ask the questions, "Do we rent?  Do we buy?  What do we do?"  All I know is that we need a place to call home...

Meditating on...Philippians 4:11 "learning to be content whatever the circumstances..."

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  1. Oh, Jen, this is a hard one.

    What crosses my mind is that maybe God is giving you a little more insight into the lives of those he has called you to serve. Or even into Jesus' own life (Luke 9:58).

    Ben and I were between homes for a while at one point, and that was (mostly) not fun. I can imagine with kids it's far more difficult to be without a home. So please know I'm not making light of your situation, and I am praying that God leads you very clearly as you seek the rest he has for you!

  2. Shelly Funsch GonzalesJanuary 7, 2010 at 7:05 AM

    Jennifer, I'll certainly pray for you and your family. I hope you'll have a home soon, or at least feel some peace.

  3. hmmmm. Interesting. I feel you. Being an MK and third culture kid, I can understand a lot of that...

    And yes, I did write that. I had a good conversation with a lady last night ( that one I messaged you about haha) and.. I don't know. It sparked something in me. I haven't written in FOREVER, and... finally I felt words coming to my heart again... so yeah. Anyway. :o) Hope you have a good day....

  4. This past year in my life was shaken in a way I would have never dreamed...in an extremely terrible way. Also, being a military wife and constantly learning a new "culture", moving around and for the first time since my marriage started, having a place, now, I can understand where you're at. My heart emotions and deep prayers are over you 4...and our God WILL refresh, renew and revive life and focus in you!
    I love you dearly, my longtime friend :) Please USE me for anything you need...and have rest.

  5. Your knitting project header is a definite WINNER!!


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