What's Wrong With This Picture?

12:09 AM

This is called a little girl who lives in Africa and is used to swimming most of the year!  Winter?  Pssht!  That's not going to stop her from wearing her suit and "swimming" in the living room!

swimming in winter?

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  1. My kids have been putting their swimsuits on for bath time, lol....guess they're all ready for some warmer weather and I don't blame them!

  2. CUTE!! you need to come and visit us!! we can't survive without a swim everyday!

  3. How cute!

    My kids have been stripping down to their underpants and getting down on their bellies to "swim" around the house. Maybe I should just take them to the pool.

  4. My girls like putting on their suit and swimming in the bath tub!

  5. So cute! Isnt a child's imagination wonderful? Very creative swimming pool :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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