Ants On A Log

12:03 AM

ants on a log

How to make ants on a log...

First, you take a very cute little girl who loves helping to make food.

Next, you find celery, peanut butter, raisins, and a plastic knife for said little girl to use.

Finally, you give all the supplies to the little girl to create her masterpiece.

And voila! You have ants on a log!

Emma Grace saw ants on a log on a TV commercial and thought it was fantastic so she wanted to make it for everyone! They were the best ants on a log I've ever had!

Oh, and I've spent my time this week cleaning and unpacking instead of cooking! Can you tell?

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  1. As the picture was loading, I found myself unexcited about the idea of seeing insects.

    Emma Grace's snack was a pleasant surprise!


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