I'm Lovin'

12:14 AM

Bengal spice tea with a drop of agave!
bengal spice tea

Looking at the same old things in a new way.
fire hydrant


Home schooling these 2 munchkins...most days anyways. :)
joshua home schooling
emma g home schooling

Baby knitting (not for me, mind you).
baby knitting
Hearing my boy read from the Bible.

Seeing the creativity ooze out of my kids.
Really fun snacks made by a really cool boy.
banana hot dog
That my husband gets home from out of town today!
A line I read in a book I'm reading, "God will not allow any of us to frustrate His love," because He just is love.

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  1. Bengal Spice and Agave-yummy:) Hope all is well in your world and that you are feeling settled and at peace!

  2. Hi!! First off, what is agave? Secondly, your son makes the best snacks. If I'm not mistaken, that's a bread roll with a banana and peanut butter?! My absolute favourite. And EG's colouring in is SO beautiful! She seems to be very particular. And who made the zebra? Incredible talent!

  3. Jen, what book are you reading? I love that quote!
    HOw long will your kiddos sit and do writing and workbooks? Annah gets tired of doing it within 15 minutes usually. We keep things short and sweet.
    I wish I liked tea!!! I've tried so many flavors and I just don't like it. I don't like juices either...just water, milk and coffee and diet coke...

  4. I'm going to try some Bengal spice tea...all I drink right now is spiced chai.

    There's only a few things that equal hearing my children read from the Bible and that is spontaneous praise or real praying.


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