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front door

We've been in our home for several days and it's been such a blessing! When we first arrived back from Africa, we set out to buy a home. It seemed like it was the right thing for us as we travel back and forth a lot. A place to come back to seemed wonderful. But as we explored it further, the doors were closing. I have to admit it was a bit emotional for me. Being without a proper home for almost a year now, I was so ready to have one. I longed for a kitchen that was my very own, a place where my kids could each have their own room, and a good environment for home schooling my kids. Maybe I was being dramatic, but when it clearly wasn't working to buy a home, I was crushed.

So we began the hunt to find a place to rent. We were blown away by the prices of even renting a small apartment. But just like the faithfulness of God, He led us to the right place for us. A 1400 sq. foot, 3 bedroom 2 bath place at a great price. And it is just perfect. The kids have their own room. Our room is bigger than any room we've ever had, and there's a big window by the kitchen table that lets in beautiful sunshine for a perfect home schooling spot. Joshua has already made friends with the neighbor boys and spends his afternoons running around wearing himself out. He informed the boys that when it's hot, you take your shirts off because that's what they do in Africa. Oops! (It warmed up for a few days so you would see the kid from Africa running around barefoot with no shirt. :) )

And we have so felt the love from so many people as they have given us or let us borrow items to make this home. We have felt so blessed. It is just amazing. Some of you have asked for pictures which I will gladly show you as I get it all together. I am thinking of calling it my Corner Series as I let you in on the corners of our little place. So stay tuned!

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  1. How exciting!! I'm so glad you found a good place and that your African ways are rubbing off on the natives... :)

  2. Even if we don't understand, God does and He knows the plans He has for you.

    It's hard when our expectations don't match with His...yet, look at His faithfulness. What a testimony of the goodness of the Lord.

    Thank you for sharing this corner of your life.

    I think it extra wonderful that the sun shines by your kitchen table...although I have a feeling there will be many spots in your home that become wonderful spots for home schooling.

  3. I just love the red bricks!!! I can't wait to here more! God is so tender towards us! I've always discovered that I am so thankful when I don't get what I wanted and fell into His place instead as it always blooms into something so magically amazing....breathtaking... you will look back and go "WOW, Thank you thank you thank YOU" as each new day passes and as you see more and more exactly why you are exactly where you are. :)

  4. hmm, sounds like my son...maybe he's channeling his inner African? lol

    Congrats on finding a place to call home (we rent also bc we move around so much)


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