Sherried Tomato Soup In A Bread Bowl?

12:18 AM

sherried tomato soup

I love getting together with friends and cooking together!  Such a fun time of fellowship while we do something together.  We kick started the weekend doing just that!  The idea was to make soup in a bread bowl.  Only I didn't make the bowls big enough so we ended up having soup with really big rolls.  I used this bread recipe and they tasted great!  Next time I'll just have to make them a little bigger!  We made Pioneer Woman's Sherried Tomato Soup.  I like it and thought it had good flavor.  It wasn't anything that wowed me, but it was good.  I do wonder if we would have used fresh herbs how much of a difference it would have made.  I will say it is very easy and quick to make, and you just can't go wrong with that!

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  2. Jen, I'm on firefox too. When I'm on your site I see nothing (only a Twitter box) but.. I normally read all blogs through google reader and today there was a family feud ad under your post. I think I've always seen them and assumed you were aware. if I could post the picture I would. I took a screen shot of it and still have it. The other one is long gone. It was the only one that was odd considering who you are.Well, it was odd period. Maybe it's the side ads with google reader???

  3. Hey! Just e-mailed you with the pictures so you can see what pulls up with your posts.
    Hope it works.


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