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12:18 AM

fresh veggies

It's been great being in our house and having my very own kitchen.  However, without internet and recipe books, I'm left to rely on old favorites or be creative.  Between home schooling and unpacking, my brain has little space to be creative, so I don't have a recipe this week!  Does anyone have any easy favorites they would like to share!?

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  1. I have a great recipe for bobotie? Have you ever had it? Or tomato bredie? Firm SA favourite! Or how about a great tuna pasta? Or quiche?

  2. Since it's winter where you are, I'll e-mail you a yummy Hamburger Stroganoff recipe given to me by one of my uni housemates.

  3. Very curious - what is bobotie?? Tomato bredie??

  4. I can't wait to hear what you come up with! My simplest recipe is to cook up rice in the rice cooker, add shrimp and steamed veggies and sea salt... because I am odd, I add bbq sauce to mine. :)

  5. Our simplest recipe is tilapia with a little oil and seasoning baked in the oven and some salad on the side. But we don't have to please any children...

    I'm not very creative during the school year. :(


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