Sweet Cousins

12:10 AM

This week I started the task of organizing my thousands of photos.  No exaggeration, my friends.  I currently have over 8,300 photos that need to be printed, organized, and burned onto discs.  You could say I'm a little behind.  You would think, after my computer being stolen last year and losing several months of pictures, that I would be better about backing up my photos.  Well, I haven't gotten better, but I'm working on it.  My photography class is reminding me that I MUST back up!  So the task lingers while I spend hours working on saving the memories of my loved ones. 

joshua and zoe

As I was working on this task, I came across this photo and it struck me in a way that it didn't when I took it.  Sweet cousins, just together, doing nothing in particular.  Joshua loves his cousin, Zoe.  I think because their birthdays are only a day apart, he's held a special place in his heart for her.  I love how he's looking down in her direction with his finger ready like he's her protector.  I love that they are both wearing some of my hand knits.  And I love that there is nothing posed about this photo.  They are such sweet cousins.

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  1. What a sweet moment!

    Good work getting started on the photo organization. I have been thinking about my pre-digital photo collection since it's sitting in several boxes in our 'box room.' I've also been thinking about my digital collection because I want to print some for display in my home. So many memories!

  2. I'm afraid to count how many photo's I have...digital that is. But I have been backing them up thanks to my hubby so at least it's a start.

    I love the look on your son's face...so serious and focused...like he wants to make sure she doesn't do the wrong thing or get hurt.

  3. Oh my gosh Jen.... you have reminded me of the overwhelming task I have to organize my photos... I think about it and then don't. They are so very unorganized going back probably 8 years or more. I have on occasion began a Shutterfly hardback album....I just drag tons of pictures into the album and then Shutterfly sends me the book of photos.
    Love the way you captured the 'moment'.. very very sweet!


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