At The End Of This Week...

1:11 AM

Pardon my absence yesterday.  I really needed a breather from all the fun we've had!  It's been a great week.  I feel like I blinked on Monday and when my eyes opened, it was Friday.  It's gone so fast!  I almost feel like we need another week of Spring Break.  It's been a fun week, though.  Here's what we've enjoyed...!  You might have seen Tuesday's post with Joshua looking quite cute in his new wardrobe.  Nothing like new clothes to usher in a new season.  It feels so good!

...pedicures and manicures!  Pampering is so fun!

...experienced Sam Moon for the first time.  Oh, my word!  That store must be transplanted from the Asian markets.  I've never seen so many necklaces and purses in one place!

...ate lots of good food and experienced some new restaurants.

...watched the kids brush up on their swimming strokes.
happy splashes

sporting a new costume

... and of course, started a new knitting project.  :)
baby knitting

Hope you've also had a great week!  We're looking forward to welcoming the first day of spring tomorrow!  I've got some fun arriving to my store so come back tomorrow! 

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  1. Sounds like fun...and being pampered is great. Anneke and I went out for pedicures yesterday. I figured it would be a much-needed treat for her with baby #3 arriving so soon!

  2. Love the knitting pic!! Sounds like you guys had a great week :-)

  3. Your toes look marvelous! :-)

    I say go ahead and take another break for a week and do it all over again!


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