The Birds, The Birds!

1:13 AM

spring chicks

Birds make me think of spring.  And then I hear Mary Poppins singing in the background.  Not really, but aren't birds great!  The birds, the flowers, the spring's just so wonderful and refreshing.  So wonderful that when these little things caught my eye I knew I wanted to make them!

easter chicks

Little spring chicks and bluebirds that will end up in my kid's Easter baskets this Sunday.  Aren't they cute?  Next time around I would knit a smaller beak on the bluebirds but they're lovely nonetheless.

birds on a branch 

Hope you have a wonderful day with the sound of birds chirping at your window!

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  1. And I thought knitting was just clothing!! These are adorable.

  2. Goodness! Adorable! Did you follow a pattern or just see them and do them? I can see something crocheted and copy it, but I only knitted something once and had to follow the pattern instructions. (I hope to post about that knitted piece, if I can find the photo of it!)

    Our middle daughter loves Mary Poppins still at 23 yrs old...but part of that is cuz even when when first saw it at 4 or 5, she had a "crush" on Dick Van Dyke! haha

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (thank you for stopping by! Just now catching up on blog reading! Yay for a mid week day off! have to catch up on housecleaning and drawing orders too...)

  3. Oh my goodness those are so cute and they look really difficult to my hands would hurt or something. SOOOOOOOoo cute !!!


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