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1:17 AM

I can't believe we've been in our place for over a month and I've yet to post inside photos.  Time goes so fast!  So for those of you who have asked for pics and have been holding your breath waiting, (some) of the wait is over!  I am still doing some decorating here and there but here's some corners of some of our rooms.


We'll start at the back door because back door guests are always welcome, right?  It's actually more of a side door, but you get the point.  When you walk in our back/side door, you happen upon 2 rooms...our bedroom to the right and a bathroom straight ahead.


I have been so overwhelmed with God's goodness as He has provided so much to make this place home for this season.  It's been such a great way to talk to our kids about God's provision as well as maintain an attitude of thankfulness for everything He has given us.  Everything you see in these rooms has been given to us with the exception of our mattress ($25 on Craigslist) and the shower curtain ($4 on clearance at Target).

our bed


So this will conclude my first Corner edition.  I'm afraid it's not too exciting.  We do have a bathroom and closet in our room (to the left of the desk) but that's even less exciting than our bedroom!


Tune in next time as we go further up the hallway to the kid's bedrooms!  It gets more exciting the further we go, I promise!

Last day for deals in the store!  Join in on the spring cleaning!

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  1. Pre-loved makes it looks so homey and welcoming rather than blah and box-store.

    Just lovely. :)

  2. Everything looks gorgeous Jen, very home-y!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  3. LOVE the pics!! So awesome that you have been so blessed by God!!
    Can't wait to see more!

  4. Looks awesome! thanks for posting pics!

  5. I love that God takes care of each and every need. Its awesome serving Him!

  6. Oh and by the way, it looks great!! I'm loving simplicity lately. Simple colours. Simple lines. Beauty in the small things. Really like your bed cover. Is it a comforter?

  7. Wow, second time today I have tried to leave a comment and something 'off' happens. This time its just not even error message or nothing...just gone... well, if it shows up and this is a repeat...sorry!

    Love the red desk! So clean and organized!!! Crazy about the shower curtain too, love the colors!!!


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