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purple orchid

We've officially completed 4 weeks of school!  Yay!  I am going by the South African school schedule but decided to go ahead and take this next week off for spring break.  I knew it would be pure torture if Joshua was inside doing school while his friends were outside playing.  I may not have the most compassion, but that would just be cruel!  And we're expecting some very special guests this week...so a break was in order!  Besides, one of the benefits of home schooling is the flexibility, right?  Right.

This week we're also looking forward to...
  • longer days...although my kids are definitely not going to want to go to bed when it's still light out...hmmm, I will have to figure that one out.
  • fun with our special guests...Jeremy's parents!
  • having a fun little St. Patrick's Day feast.
  • some swimming fun (at the indoor pool).
  • finishing up some fun projects.
  • and welcoming the first day of spring!
Hope your week is fabulous!

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  1. Yea for flexibility!

    And I LOVE the new header. Just such a fab portrait. :)

  2. Flexibility is one of the BEST aspects of home schooling. My parents are coming in today "unplanned" but very welcomed.

    We aren't on spring break yet but I am declaring Wed a "no academic school day" and we are going to go enjoy nature with our family.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful week planned with lots of other kinds of learning opportunities.


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