A Little Bit Of Sewing

1:09 AM

I've felt a little giddy lately as I've started using the sewing machine I'm borrowing while we're here in the states.  Just like knitting, I love, love, love being able to make things with my hands.  And when my kids love what these hands have made...well, that's a double bonus!



My favorite projects of the week are these little Oliver + S lazy days skirts.  They were incredible easy, fun to make, and like to be worn by 5 year old girls!  (Not responsible for the shirts or shoes picked to wear with these little skirts!)

the skirt


Even Angelina got a matching skirt to wear!  I am pretty sure these girls love their new addition to their wardrobe.  They have worn them everyday, even to bed!

with angelina

I also completed the request of my daughter.  Her babies had a little bed to sleep in but it was just too hard for them!  Now we can't have that, can we?  So I made a pillow for the bottom and a pillow to lay their head on.  All cozy with a blanket to cover up with!

for the baby doll

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wheeeeee! Those skirts look so fab Jen! I can imagine how excited you are to be sewing too! Can't wait to see more of what you make! Well done. :)

  2. Lovely! The matching skirt and pocket for Angelina are so thoughtful. I am so glad God blessed you with a sewing machine to use!!

  3. Jen, those skirts are perfect, I love them, I would love learn how to sew, it is so nice to see your projects, I love them all♥

  4. When we saw Emma Grace at church the other night she ran up with this big smile on her face and didn't even say hi....she said "my mom made me this skirt." It was so cute. You could tell she loved it and was so proud.

  5. I love that skirt pattern, too! So fast and easy and cute! The problem I had the last time I made them was finding enough ribbon that matched! I am bringing back lots of craft supplies with me, this time!

  6. Super cute skirts, I love the doll bed too!

  7. Remarkable! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! Good job!!!!
    I made Annah a little dress.... oh the horror.... LOL... I'll try again... next time it will maybe turn out better. The one I made looks so obviously home made...

  8. Emma Grace looks so cute in those beautiful skirts! Nicely done :-)


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