My Boy Turns 8!

1:13 AM

It was a picture perfect birth really.  Got up early to get ready for my midwife appointment, and lo and behold, contractions started while in the shower.  The midwife confirmed that I was indeed in labor and 3 cm dilated.  "Go home, get some rest, and go for a walk," she told me.  So I went home, finished putting together a puzzle, and walked.  (How do you rest while in labor?  I've never figured that one out.)  Several hours later, we went back and I had progressed to 6 cm! 

the puzzle of my labor

"Go get something to eat and meet me at the hospital."  It was not at all like I thought it would be, or should I say, how they portray it on TV.  No rushing here and there.  Just relaxed and easygoing.

My awesome husband wasn't thinking and parked very far from the door, but I guess that hike proved profitable, because I was a 9 after they checked me in!  Too late for an epidural which was fine by me.  I really didn't want a long needle being stuck into my back.  And I liked the idea of being able to feel and experience every bit of birthing a baby naturally.

joshua's birth

At 8:41 PM the most beautiful baby boy was born!  I felt like I had accomplished something amazing.  Those thoughts increased when they put him on the scales.  9 lb. 12 oz!  Oh, my!  What did I eat?!

big boy!

I can't believe that was 8 years ago!  A very Happy Birthday to my sweet son!  I love you more than words could ever express!

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  1. Happy birthday Joshua! We miss u!

  2. what a neat post! Congratulations to you (?) 8 years late and a happy birthday to him!

  3. My oldest will turn 8 in a month and I can´t hardly believe. How does time go by so fast? Happy bday to your little boy!

  4. My goodness he was a healthy looking baby boy!!! What a beautiful birth experience and happy birthday Joshua!!!!!

  5. Aw! happy Birthday! And I love birth stories! This one sounds like how quickly mine were :o) 2hrs, 40 minutes, then our last was 6 minutes...

    Your "little" one was a big, beautiful bouncing baby!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I posted and found the one photo I had taken of the one thing I have ever knitted in my life :o)
    (I will do some blog reading catch up tonight, but wanted to let you know how excited I was to find that picture :o)

  6. What a wonderful birth story! I love how you got a picture of the puzzle, too. Though how you concentrated on fitting pieces together while in labour I'll never understand. !! Sounds like Jeremy parked in just the right spot, too. :)

    Happy birthday, Joshua!


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