A Scavenger Hunt Birthday

1:00 AM

What a fabulous weekend! I feel like all I did was eat!  Joshua's birthday was lots of fun.  I kept it pretty simple which made it a lot more enjoyable for me.  No one wants a stressed out mommy on the day of their birthday!

clue #8

treasure bag

Several months ago, I had an idea to do a scavenger hunt for his birthday.  Every time I've done scavenger hunts or treasure hunts with the kids they have loved them.  So I made treasure bags for the boys to put their hunted treasures in!  Jeremy and I stayed up late the night before coming up with the clues (well, Jeremy came up with the clues and I wrote them down).  It was worth the late hours to see the kids having fun!

scavenger hunt

We had 10 clues throughout our house and outside.  At each clue was a lego piece.  The last clue led them to the map to build their treasure!

building the treasure

bbq lego

While the older kids hunted for treasures, the younger kids wrote on their hand made chalkboards (I will post more on those later).

writing with chalk

It was a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy the company of friends.

conversing with friends

holding baby ty

After lunch on the grill, we did the usual party festivities of opening gifts, singing happy birthday, and blowing out the candle.

opening gifts

birthday candle

After all the fun, we enjoyed a quiet evening of stuffing our faces with lasagna, strawberry shortcake, and homemade bread.  Birthdays are so much fun!

birthday dinner

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  1. Delightful! Nice big chalk board, is that in your 'school room'... I like it!

  2. Your big chalkboard looks like it's out of a magazine! The lego picture is awesome too.
    And the birthday looks so special!!

  3. Super Fun! Can't wait until Ben is a little older and we can do that -he really likes the Eric Carle's The Birthday Message.

  4. What a fun day - love your creativity in planning interesting activities.

  5. So fun! I love your board too!!! What a great idea and very useful even when not in school!

  6. Sounds like a very fun birthday for Joshua. I was so glad to hear from Keith that there's lots of other boys around for Joshua to play with where you guys are living now.

    Happy Belated Birthday Joshua! We love and miss you. ~Michael, Lindsey, Isabelle and Ethan


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