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Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was!  It consisted of...

...visiting a wholesale flower warehouse with a friend.  Nothing like some beautiful blooms to brighten even a rainy day!  I even spotted some proteas...S. Africa's national flower!

wholesale flowers

rows and rows


the protea


cala lilies

...spotting Laura Bush!  After the warehouse, we went to a nursery in N. Dallas.  Wouldn't you know it but Mrs. Bush was there shopping, too!  I would have loved to have gotten a picture to add to my Presidential spotting list, but the big secret service agent was kind of intimidating AND I didn't want to intrude on her flower shopping trip!

...grabbing some $1 tomato plants at the nursery!  Can't wait to get those in the ground.  An extra wet weekend prevented me from getting that done.

...some sewing, knitting, and baking.  Boy, do I feel like Ma in the current home schooling story time book we're reading!



...celebrating Piggy's 4th birthday.  Emma G did a great job planning it.  We had balloons, banana muffins, and even presents!

piggy's birthday

...seeing some new pics of my nieces! 


anneke and the girls


Hoping to carry this fun into a really awesome home schooling week!

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  1. What a beautiful celebration of Spring, with all those lovely flowers and a new baby. :)

  2. Love the floewrs..
    Im Becka, I stopped by from portugalbound,
    Nice blog..
    I'll be back soon :)

  3. I would have had to ask for a picture. I love Laura Bush.

  4. Girl, those flowers are sooo beautiful!!!! a couple of those I have never seen before, just amazing! It does help too that you take very good photos ;)

  5. Felt like I was walking along and seeing the flowers with my own eyes. And way cool you saw Mrs. Bush....!

  6. What stunning flowers! Gorgeous photos of the girls, too :)


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