Homemade Ice Cream

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vanilla ice cream

I can't take credit for this recipe, but it was so fun and easy that I had to post!  Do you love ice cream?  Do you wish you could make it homemade but don't have an ice cream maker?  Then, read on!  This is for you!  This recipe was in my homeschooling material this past week and the kids had so much fun making it (not as much fun as they had eating it!)  Here's what we did...

Get a small ziploc bag (sandwich size) and put 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, and 1 tablespoon sugar in it.  Close it, getting as much air out as possible.

Fill a large ziploc (gallon size) with 10-12 large ice cubes (I think I actually used a little more) and 1/2 cup salt.  Just regular salt will do.

Put the small ziploc inside the large one.  Wrap it in a dish towel and let the kids knead it for about 5 minutes.  We let ours sit a little big after that (until after lunch was eaten!) and then scooped it into bowls.  It was a perfect single serving amount!

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  1. Awesome! I think I'll give this a try with my 4 younger siblings sometime this summer!! A nice fun & sweet treat :)

  2. It's good - I recommend using a heavy duty sandwich bag, like freezer quality... mine burst, twice while I was doing this.

  3. I know that it's just different than what I grew up with, but I still haven't found a single ice cream here that I like - they all taste like chemicals to me! I'll have to give this recipe a go sometime.

  4. how fun!! Think we will be trying this out soon.

  5. We did that for homeschooling too!! Very yummy!!

  6. thank you so much for posting this ;) YUM!!

  7. I've always assumed that I needed a fancy schmancy ice cream maker to make ice cream. This is fantastic news!


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