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I've become a jar person.  I love them.  Every time we finish the peanut butter and jam, I get so excited!  A new jar!  I wash it out, let it dry, and find something to fill it with!  It's so simple, but it really makes me smile!  Jars of all shapes and sizes to hold random things!

beautiful jars

jars of stuff

The latest and greatest wildflower bouquet picked by a little girl who loves to create an atmosphere through color!


A jar to start another ivy plant, because you just can't have too many plants!

ivy plant

And jars to hold prizes when home schooling studies need some extra incentive.

jar of prizes

And let's not forget jars that can bring you back to childhood days of late summer nights, catching all the fireflies you can to fill your glass jar to overflowing.  I was recently lost in the magic of being a child again as our family caught fireflies as the sun set over the day.  Spotting the glow, running to retrieve it, slipping it into that special jar, it just felt so good and freeing.  We eventually let those bugs go, but the magic of childhood days remains until the next time I find myself running through the field to grasp the glow.



Here's encouraging you to find opportunities to return to the magic of those childhood days...

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  1. I loved catching fire flies as a child. And that flower arrangement is beautiful. What great uses for your jars.

    So what kind of "incentives" are in your jar?

  2. I love the photo of your daughter with the fireflies in the jar!

  3. I am a jar collector too!!!! My kids just roll their eyes when I say "don't throw that jar away!". lol.

  4. I think we are kindred spirits- I am obsessed with jars! I think finding a soda in a glass is the best find- even though I'm not a soda drinker! Love your pics!!

  5. I love jars. The night my (now) husband first kissed me I'd been drinking a little apricot drink from a tiny glass jar - I kept that lovely little jar.

  6. Do you have any pointers in getting labels off of jars? I have lots of jars I have kept to use for things but it takes forever to get the labels off.

  7. http://gingerbreadsnowflakes.com/node/169
    How cute! I read your jar blog this morning and just now I was cruising through my bookmarked blogs and found this linked to a blog i read. Thought you might like it.

  8. i love your jar pictures, i love flowers, the jar pics are so unique, am sending them to my son

  9. As long as it is flowers and not bugs in the jars.... :-) All of the photos on your blog are stunning!

  10. Hey, want to pick some more flowers and join us for
    Friday's Flowers?


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