More Changes, More Freshness

1:26 AM

Yesterday was my day out.  I really look forward to Tuesdays and the refreshing it brings me.   A whole day out by myself...I realize how lucky I am to have this weekly event, and I'm so very thankful.  I usually don't have a set plan (which is totally unlike me).  I just kind of go with what feels fun and refreshing for that day.  Well, I guess some more changing and refreshing needed to happen besides this blog, because I stopped in a nearby salon and decided to get my hair cut.  It's not quite as spontaneous as it sounds.  I've been talking about getting my hair cut for weeks.  It's a process I go through every single time I need a haircut.  And my husband loves it. :)  I'm so glad I did it.  A good cut just feels good.  Refreshing, you know?

Before the chop...

...and after.

itty bitty toys

After pampering and lots of reading time, I headed home, excited to find my recent Amazon order had arrived!  And why does this fit into the freshness category, you might ask?  Because of that sweet book on the bottom, Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson.  Although I'm loving my afghan, this little gem is going to bring some freshness to my knitting!  I can't wait!  Emma G and I have already perused it, talking about what should be on the needles first!  (Oh, just a side note, do you know about Swagbucks?  I earned $15 in Amazon gift cards through searching the internet and used them to buy this lot of books!  I'm saving up to buy more cooking and knitting books!)

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  1. It is clear that you have found your hairdo! You just look so great with that cut!! Glad you enjoyed your day out!

  2. Your blog makeover & haircut makeover both look great!! I have itty-bitty toys and LOVE it! Several great gifts have been made from there - and SO CUTELY FUN!!

  3. Every Tuesday...all day yourself?!?!

    I'm stumped here...I can't read on...(Although I do love your new hair cut!!)

    But back to the every Tuesady thing......are you serious?!

  4. Your haircut looks great!

    I love swagbucks, I trade them in for Amazon gift cards, too!


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