Papaya And Africa

1:08 AM


Lately I've really been missing Africa, so when I saw a papaya in the store, I bought it.  I didn't eat papaya much before moving to Africa, but I love it!  Unfortunately, eating papaya in Africa has ruined me because this one tasted awful.  There's lots of fruits that are just better in Africa and papaya is one of them.  While I'm here in the states, I'll be enjoying those delicious berries and watermelon!

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  1. I found mango was like that after living in South America. I'm sure it will taste even better when you go back =)

  2. Oh I can imagine the let down! We are picking wild blackberries like crazy all around here.

  3. We love papaya, but I am sure it tastes much better super fresh! We had a fab time at Disney, my kids are a little young for it, but it was still a blast:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I never buy papayas here! They are just too expensive for something that tastes nothing like it should!


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