A Picture Story From My Youngest Man

1:15 AM

A while back, a lovely friend passed along a great idea.  So I acted on it the other day, gave Joshua my point and shoot, and encouraged him to go write a story through pictures.   He shares my love for photography, so I like to encourage him in it as much as I can.  Who doesn't want their child to share some of their passions?  So the story goes...


Joshua is walking...

and more walking...

...and walking...

and walking...

...and walking.


He opens the door of the car and gets in.

inside of the car

We drive to S-O-N-I-C.

The end.

the end

I had to smile as he narrated the pictures.  Being away from home can make you miss a lot of things.  Sonic being one of them!  (Only for the slushes and limeades...we don't necessarily miss their food!)

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  1. That is TOO cute! Love the serious expression on his face :)

  2. Nice! We lived just down the street from a Sonic in high school, and I learned to love their Ocean Water.

    Love the African bare feet in Texas. :)


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