Pondering The Simple Life

1:14 AM

I mentioned it yesterday as I talked about our home school outing, but we just finished reading Little House In The Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I think I loved it more than my kids!  I mean the simplicity of their life.  You know, simplicity is kind of an ongoing thing for me right now.


As many of you know, I love handmade goodies.  I love the thought, time, and love that goes into making something with your hands, not to mention the satisfaction.  In the book, Ma made everything!  Knits, clothes, cheese, straw hats, I mean everything.  And Pa grew veggies, hunted for food, gathered honey.  That kind of life just fascinates me.  I mean it must bring so much satisfaction knowing how to make so many things from scratch. 


The part about Christmas was a great topic with the kids.  In the book, each kid received a knitted pair of mittens and a peppermint stick.  Laura got an extra gift of a handmade doll, and they were all thrilled.  They savored their peppermint sticks, making them last for a while.  I loved talking about this with the kids, who devour candy within 3 seconds of receiving any.  To be so grateful about what you receive, no matter how small it may seem. 


The end of the book kind of threw me for a loop when Pa had a machine come out to harvest his grain.  He said it was a great invention and made his work go so much faster.  I love simplicity, but it's also nice to have so many options around me for those times when life just gets a little busy.

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  1. I love handmade things, too, but I sure am grateful to own a dishwasher and washing machine - not to mention hot water, flushing toilets, and a heated home!

  2. Sometimes I think about this when I'm taking care of so many things after dark. Back then, they really didn't have as many hours in the day, yet they seemed to get so much more done. There's certainly a lot we can learn from how life used to be, even while we enjoy our modern appliances!

  3. Aw thanks Jen...

    I won't lie, my heart is going through a rough patch right now. I feel like the last 2 1/2 years I have not really thought of Africa like... like missing it like I do now. It seriously has hit out of nowhere and ... I don't know. :/ I feel like I'm hitting a low, and it's weird that this never happened in my 2 1/2 years being back, and all this sudden... it's actually incredibly overwhelming. And Matt's sister just put up those photos this week and.... made my heart feel even more... heavy?

    :/ I don't know... I don't like what I feel, but I'm a feeler, and I think I NEED to feel this b/c I never did, and I'm just bummed it's just now coming... lol.

    Random I know... my heart is full right now and... I have no idea how to express it or who to talk to b/c... no one I know has done a DTS or been through anything like that, so I'm just stuck in my new city; still no Christian friends or church or anything....

    sorry. :( This is so long, and I know you didn't ask to know any of this... blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! Pausing to think about simplifying is so refershing.

  5. I'm with you. I crave a simple life. I think with all the technology that was intended to make our lives easier, it's really made them more difficult. We try to shove so much into our lives, that we don't have time for so many things that matter. If I could move to a small cottage somewhere in the woods, I would do it in a heartbeat.


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