Biking The Thousand Islands Parkway

1:22 AM

biking the thousand islands

During our trip to Canada, Jeremy and I were able to stay at a Bed and Breakfast for a couple of nights in Gananoque, right on the Thousand Islands.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  One morning we decided to rent bikes and ride down part of the Thousand Island Parkway.  It was amazing, and I'll admit a sense of pride welled up after I realized we biked about 18 km!  I'm terribly out of shape so that was good for me (us)!

along the 1000 islands

I loved stopping along the way and admiring the beautiful flowers along the parkway.  If I could have, I would have picked them for my jars!

orange flower

purple flowers


blue flowers

yellow flowers

blue flower

{I'm linking up with FIMBY for Friday's Flowers.  Since I couldn't actually pick them and bring them into my home, you'll have to do a little imagining to see how beautiful this bouquet could be!}


caesar salad

boat on the water

We stopped in Rockport for a lite lunch.  We were so busy enjoying our lunch and taking shots of each other, that we must have looked a little silly.  The guy at the table next to us asked if we were on our honeymoon!  I'll take that as a compliment!  :)

looking at the sky

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!!!

    I took a boat tour thru The Thousand Islands as a kid of 12. I have fond memories of it still to this day. Would love to go back again.

  2. Sounds so lovely. The kids and I just finished reading Paddle-to-the-Sea so I actually know what Thousands Islands is. Great book to read to kids 5+.

  3. That's DEFINITELY a compliment!! :)


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