A Check Off The List...

1:16 AM

Remember that sabbatical check list I comprised? Remember this item on the list?

sabbatical checklist2

Well, guess what?  It's being checked off today!  Jeremy and I leave today for an 8 day getaway!  Just the 2 of us!  I will leave the destination a mystery until we get back.  As always, I'm so amazed at how God provides for the things we want to do.  I'll share more details when I get back, but enjoy some scheduled posts while I'm gone.  I even have some scheduled over at Today's Mama.  (Did you see my TM links in the sidebar?)  And you never know...I might just pop in here while I'm living it up on our mystery destination!

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  1. Good on you Jen!!! I hope you both have a gorgeous trip away together..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  2. You are one lucky lady! I hope you enjoy your time away so much that you don't stop in!

  3. Hope you have a lovely trip!

  4. Wow, just a teensy bit envious. I have wanted forever to take a romantic vacation with my husband. Maybe for our 15th anniversary next year...

    (but happy for you by the way!)


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