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1:15 AM

Before the kids left for their 3 1/2 week adventure with their grandparents, I gave them the point and shoot so that they could document their time through photos.  Of course, they loved the idea, and came back with a full memory card!  Here's their adventures!

He loves taking these shots of himself!
picture perfect

They traveled to Austin where they stayed in a hotel (Emma G loved that!), visited their uncle, and celebrated his birthday!


birthday cake

Joshua said he took this picture, because he's seen me do it many times!
taking a photo

They got to ride go karts and horses!  How fun is that!
the kids

eg riding around

jman riding

on a horse

Great shot, my son, of the W. Texas plains!
west texas plains

They also enjoyed a visit to some cousins and Joshua completed 3 weeks of summer school!  

We were actually only gone from them for 2 1/2 weeks which is still a very long time, but I know they will look back on that time with their grandparents with very fond memories!  As a family who lives an ocean apart from their family, these grandparent bonding times are very important to us (and of course, to the grandparents as well).

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  1. What a special time - and nicely documented!

  2. Great idea, and I love the photos! Those are some really cool go karts, and it looks like a wonderful trip!


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