1:15 AM

Hope you all had a wonderful l-o-n-g weekend!  I spent the first bit tending to a sick little girl, but luckily she was bouncing back to her old self after a couple of days.  Our weekend happenings...

I satisfied my cherry craving.
bowl of cherries

Worked on a little something special at the machine.
sewing a skirt

Picnicked on the grass with my little girl. 
picnic on the grass

Who apparently thought it was a barrel of laughs!
laughing girl

Published another article over at Today's Mama.

Took a family photo...I actually picked out the kid's clothes for this one.  They love it when I do that!  More details to come on this!
photo shoot clothes

Enjoyed a BBQ and birthday combo!

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!

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  1. Now I really want some cherries!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. If only every weekend lasted three days...

  2. I'm glad Emma Grace is better now! Annah was a wee bit under the weather too for a few days. LOVE the Afghan she is sitting on for the picnic! Love the colors, love her happy face!

  3. Oh my, a family photo... it's been awhile since I'v3e done one of those, I should look into that!


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