Wrap Me Up [And Squeeze Me] Puppies + A Twirly Skirt

1:18 AM

wrap me up puppy

I have seen these little puppies floating all around blogland for some time now, so I think it was only fitting that when I received Itty Bitty Toys in the mail that my first project would be the Wrap Me Up Puppies!

top of puppy

These little puppies are so stinking cute that I just want to squeeze them!  I just love the little blanket that wraps them up!  This little cutie is going to a special niece whose birthday is coming up in a few months.

puppy's head

twirly skirt

But I couldn't stop there!  A girl can never have enough skirts and something to twirl in?  Well, that's even better!  I found the Twirly Skirt pattern several weeks ago and saved it for the right project.  I chose some fabric that was free from pink, mainly for a mommy who needs a break from all the pink in her life!  :)

bottom of skirt

skirt tie

Of course Emma Grace wanted a twirly skirt for herself.  I don't know if it was the idea of having a new piece of clothing or having something to match her cousin.  For now, she has to settle with some new clothes for her doll!

doll dress

doll and her dress

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  1. so...would you make those little puppies to sell? I know two little girls that fell in love (with what I am assuming was a gift from you) a purse at Alyssa's party ;). Is there a cat pattern? One likes dogs/one likes cats, and they both have a birthday coming soon...:)

  2. Hey, do you ever plan to sell anything that you have sewn--like that skirt in your shop? If you do, let me know! I love that skirt!

  3. These are great! My fav is that second doll dress - what a fashionista!

  4. I love the puppies! I envy people who are so creative...love the first doll dress too! So cute!

  5. Cute! Where's my swirly skirt?


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