Boy Time...With A Girl!

1:33 AM

mommy & son

Not only do girls need special dates but boys do, too.  Even if they act like they might be too cool for it, they still need time with their mama!  We decided to go to Yogilicious.  I love Yogilicious yogurt because they have avocado tart!  So yum! 

yummy yogurt

We grabbed our yogurt and headed over to an awesome outside sitting area with comfy chairs.  I wanted to just hang out, shoot the breeze, you know.  Joshua's been having a difficult time lately, and I thought chatting might give me some insight as to why.  Maybe it is because he is of the male gender, but his short one word answers weren't helping me at all.  I decided to shift gears and just talk about the things he's interested in.  Then he became quite the chatter bug!  He did let on that "life is easier in Africa."  Ahh, of course, he's still adjusting to being in the states.  It's a big change for our kids who are used to living outside of what I call home.  I know it is difficult for them, but I also know that as parents, we must set an example to them and continue to follow God wherever He may lead us.  We did come to the conclusion that he is one lucky 8 year old, already having traveled to 8 different countries.  How many kids can say that!?

love his smile!

We stayed talking until he said he was ready to do our next activity.  We grabbed some books from our summer reading programs...The River (it's a higher reading level than he's at but he really wanted it and I didn't want to discourage him), Quanah Parker (he's in Jeremy's family line so we were excited to find this one!), Search For The King (he is sort of a lego lover!), and Abraham Lincoln (he is intrigued with history right now). 

drinking a frappe

We did a few other fun things, grabbed a frappuccino to share with the $5 we found on the ground (it was a sugar rush kind of day), and just had fun being together.  Joshua is a very sensitive, homebody kind of guy, so if you think of him, say a little prayer for him as he's balancing this transition!  Thanks!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the little book list. I am ALWAYS on the look out for reading ideas. We get so many books from library each week and I run out of ideas on a regular basis. We loved Gary Paulsen's book Hatchet but this River looks great also. Thanks for the idea!

    renee @ FIMBY

  2. Do you have an ingredient list for that avocado tart drink?? I'm very curious!

  3. Family time is so important.

  4. That looks so lovely, kid-parents time is precious :)

  5. avocado yogurt - I'm intrigued!

    I left the US at age 7 and didn't come back at 18. Given how hard I found it then to be an American without much knowledge of US culture, I would imagine Joshua has some culture shock to deal with right now. Glad he has good parents who will help him all they can =)

  6. oops meant didn't come back UNTIL 18 - although I did visit in between those ages, just for a few summer weeks =)

  7. It is so nice to spend that one on one time with the kiddos, especially to have such good conversations. Hugs and prayers coming your way!


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