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I am so thankful for the year and a half of swimming lessons the kids had in S. Africa.  We've had many a swimming opportunity lately and the kids have excellently displayed their swimming skills!  Right before we left SA, it all "clicked" for Emma G.  She is swimming all over the place now!  This post was originally published February 6, 2009.

The kids resumed their swimming lessons last month. The first lesson of the month the parents get to watch, so this past Tuesday (in the pouring rain), we got to see their progress. Joshua always fights me on going to lessons but he is doing AWESOME! He's swimming all over the place and now she's teaching him techniques. Emma Grace loves going, but is still such a dreamer - not really concentrating and is "lazy" with her kicks. I think one day it will just click for her and she'll be swimming all over the place!

Here are my precious guppies in action!





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