Knitted Toys :: Project #3

1:19 AM

Itty Bitty Toys is my current favorite knitting book.  How could it not be when it has such amazing patterns as these!  Easy to follow directions that turn into beautiful handmade toys.  Can't get any better than that!

mouse front

mouse side

One of my favorite things about knitting is seeing the project take shape.  That was especially true for these knits.  These little beauties are on their way to two of my favorite nieces!  The other favorite has a sweet little puppy coming her way.

reversible toy

For Zoe, I made a cat and mouse reversible toy.  I love how it turned out and can't wait to make some more reversible toys!

cat front

cat back

Little Charlotte Ann is still, well, little, but I still wanted her to have something from her aunt!  I chose these cute nesting boxes.  MANY easy garter rows later and I had 4 boxes.  The bigger ones could even be used to store toys.  

inside of boxes

a peek inside

all stacked up

falling down

I mentioned at the beginning of the week that there was some family weaved into all these projects.  While I was working on the nesting boxes, I taught my little girl to knit with the loom.  Bonding while crafting.  Good times...

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  1. Jen!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. These are so beautiful. So much love in these gifts for your special little nieces. The cat and mouse is too cute, so clever. I am sure they will be treasured (great photos, too!!!)

  2. I haven't made one of the reversible toys yet, but we love the Itty Bitty Toys book! Right now my daughter has me working on some JellyBum patterns!
    Your mouse & cat turned out so CUTE!!

  3. If I could wake up tomorrow and know something out of nowhere it would be knitting and sewing... There's something so relaxing about those two things. I love everything you make, Jen! Genius and lovely!

  4. Beautiful! I'm sure these will be enjoyed and appreciated. :)

  5. These are beautifully made, and I love the concepts behind both toys!

  6. AW! These are adorable gifts! I love the little knitted creatures and the nesting boxes are amazing! Are the boxes supported by cardboard? or are they soft structures?

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Not sure if I already came by to thank you for stopping by :o) but if not...thank you :o)

    I also have a $40 CSN giveaway that you may be interested in a chance to win.

  7. The nesting blocks rock! Gosh, I wish I knew how to knit!


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