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Several people have asked me before if I have ever used a loom for knitting.  My answer has always been, "No, just 2 sticks and a ball of yarn!"  But Emma G has been asking me for a while now to teach her to knit.  I tried teaching her the "proper" way, but we both got frustrated.  Her little hands just couldn't seem to manage the awkward feel of those needles!  So, back in December, I bought a loom thinking that it might be a little easier for her.  One afternoon, while the boys were out, I finally brought it out and asked if she would like to learn.  Her eyes lit up, she smiled, and nodded her head.  Of course, she picked out pink yarn from my stash to begin making herself a hat!

working hard

I couldn't believe how quickly she caught on.  Several times I asked if she wanted to take a break.  "No," she said, "I'm having fun!"  Such delightful words to my ears!  We knitted together for about an hour and a half.  Then, her brother came home and wanted to learn, but shhh, don't tell anyone!  It might cramp his style.  His sister already made the mistake of telling his friend that Joshua was knitting!  :)

passing the stitches over

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  1. How neat that the three of you can knit together!

    I don't think knitting and manliness are mutually exclusive, but it might be difficult to explain to Joshua's friends. At least until he can point to something cool he's wearing and say, "I made this!"

  2. I LOVED loom knitting as a kid - it's the only kind of knitting I've ever managed to truly learn!

  3. I remember using a loom to make potholders when I was younger. I think you're right, it's just easier for those little hands. I couldn't crochet when mom tried to teach me; my small hands just couldn't master it yet.

    Patrick knits...and cross stitches, and sews! He is also creative in many other ways, some considered more "manly" than others, but with one thing in common: he is able to create things, which he is just driven to do. If your son has a drive to create, he will find many ways to express that.


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