My Fellow Americans...

9:14 AM

american flag

A very Happy 4th to you!  Just yesterday, out of the blue, Joshua said he wanted to see the Declaration of Independence sometime.  National Treasure probably ranks as one of his favorite movies, so I think that's what has peaked his interest.  Nevertheless, a trip to Washington DC should be sometime in the future.  Hope your day is filled with lots of fun, lots of food, lots of friends, and lots of fireworks!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy celebrating the 4th while you're actually IN the States!!

  2. What a stunning photo!

    And as you know, we had everything but the fireworks. :) Actually some Aussies were asking about 4th of July celebrations in the US, and I mentioned marching bands and barbeques. They asked about fireworks... I'd forgotten the fireworks! I guess 8 years out of the US means I'm probably not the best person to ask about what goes on there.

    p.s. I figured out the comment thing - I needed to "allow third party cookies" in Firefox.


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