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In case you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for fun, FREE things.  [Smile]  I came across this post on Today's Mama, and I was SO excited!  Summer reading programs for kids?  Where kids are rewarded for their reading?  Fantastic!

Joshua just spent 3 weeks at summer school and his reading improved so much!  Not only that, but at this pace, we need new books!  This comes at just the right time to continue to have books for him to read and keep him interested.  We're participating in 3 of the programs including...


39 clues

feed your brain

Isn't that fabulous!  But, moms, don't worry if you don't fall within the age requirements.  Check out this post I put together for ways to get free books!

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  1. This is amazing, I wish I was there, my Emma loves when I read to her it has improve her understanding so much... what a great reward!

  2. We just started doing the summer reading program at our library, it is such a nice motivator!

  3. I keep forgetting to sign my kids up for our library's summer reading program - must do that asap, thanks for the reminder!


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