Supporting Local Farmers

1:19 AM

green beans and potatoes

zucchini and squash


I absolutely LOVE seasonal produce!  Don't these pictures make you hungry?  If so, go out and support your local farmers!

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  1. I agree! I enjoy working for a farmer at the local farmers market! Thanks Jen for encouraging others to buy locally!

  2. Love love love these pictures!!

    Sourcing local produce is on my 'to explore' list, and has been since we've moved to Perth. We loved our local farmer's market a five-minute walk from our house in London, and we did occasionally buy produce from donkey carts on the side of the road in Egypt. Here in Perth we enjoyed visiting a local organic fruit and veg market, but it wasn't that convenient. I have found a farmer co-op online but haven't taken the next steps yet.


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