The Awesomeness of The Grand Canyon

1:13 AM

grand canyon

grand canyon

They don’t call it GRAND for nothing. It absolutely blew me away by its grandeur. I don’t feel that photos quite capture its beauty and depth.

looking at the canyon

scared little girl

mother and son

As a mother, the steep drop-offs with no fence was a little nerve racking. The first initial drop is 300 feet down. We had a stern talk with the kids to stay close. The talk scared Emma G into holding onto my pant leg the whole way, but Joshua was still sometimes a little too adventurous for me! We saw this family sitting out on a ledge, and I became nervous for them!

sitting a little too close?

We hiked about a mile and a half along along the edge, stopping for snacks, hydration, and a squirrel who decided Emma G’s gold fish looked mighty good and started to come after them!

hungry squirrel

We asked a stranger to take a family photo.  I could tell by the way he held the camera that it was going to come out...interesting.  Sure enough.  I bet that poor fellow didn't intend for his back side to end up in a Price family photo. :)

family shot at the canyon

standing boy

grand canyon quote

On the hike back, the sky was that amazing blue which provided a perfect backdrop to the canyon.

beautiful sky at the canyon

posing at the canyon

We ended our Grand Canyon adventure by the kids becoming junior rangers! Throughout our day, they completed activities in their booklets and then attended a program at the end of the day learning about fossils. Their last test was to tell the ranger something they learned about the Grand Canyon.  They both learned that the Colorado River is what formed the canyon.  They were given their certificates and badges and sworn in as junior rangers!

junior ranger book

fossil activity

receiving his certificate

being sworn in

We returned to our tent after a full day of Grand Canyon fun. Only one more night before our next adventure started!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a terrific time and beautiful weather. Yea!

    When Ben took me to the Grand Canyon the first time, I was in a phase of really long trousers and tall shoes. My husband was a little concerned I would plunge to my death and thus redefine the term, "fashion victim." I'd probably be a bit more cautious visiting with children than I was then. :)

  2. Your photos are fantastic! You really can't capture the complete grandness of it, though, can you!

    The drop-offs always terrify me. I'm glad they don't fence everything off (of course, they couldn't even if they tried), but it's scary seeing what some people will do...

    My favorite Grand Canyon memory is looking down and seeing members of the Navajo tribe (if memory serves correctly - this was at least 16 years ago) herding sheep on green, green grass at the bottom. Beautiful!

  3. I love these photos! The first one and the squirrel are super.

    I'm so glad to hear someone else is worried sick around things like that.. I can't even imagine having kids in the mix.

  4. Wow! these are really amazing AND fun!

  5. Ohhhh, you are making me homesick! I miss the west and those photos are just stunning! Really, just gorgeous! And I love that your kids are now jr fun!


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