First Day Of School

11:42 AM

first day of school 

Today marks the first day of school, but not in the home schooling sense.  No, actually the kids are going to public school this semester.  I guess you could say we are trying every possible kind of school we can. [Smile...]

too cool for school

On the contrary, this decision was one that we thought and prayed a lot about.  Coming back from Africa, I was very confident in our decision to home school.  Of course, most of this responsibility fell on me, but I was ok with that.  The one thing I did not realize was how much emotional energy it would take.  I came back from Africa literally exhausted, physically and emotionally.   

1st day of kindergarten

Since I was doing the bulk of home schooling, we shifted around some responsibilities so I wouldn't have so much on my plate.  That helped some but I just have still felt that I didn't have the emotional energy to put into home schooling.  I felt I was doing good to get through the curriculum for the day.  Definitely not what I envisioned it to be like.

walking to school

So we felt it was right and ok to put the kids in school for this season so that I could better engage this sabbatical and have the time to process.  I'm not totally ruling out home schooling for the future necessarily.  Jeremy quoted me R. Fulghum recently, "The examined life is no picnic."   I do believe that to be true.  It's not a picnic to be in a season of really examining your life.  Why?  Because it's hard work!  It takes a lot of energy.  Now the end result makes it worth it but in the middle of it, it's hard.

at her desk

Quite honestly, we've both been feeling restless.  We've been back in the states for 9 months and we're restless.  I know God is doing things and that there are upgrades happening.  Having an extra 35 hours a week is going to give me more time to process the things God is bringing up.  That will be a good thing.  And, thankfully, the kids are excited about their new adventure.  School is only a block from our house, classes are much smaller than in Africa, all good things in starting this transition.  Thanks for your prayers, once again...

mom, no!
this was literally joshua saying, "mom, no!  put the camera away!"  :)

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  1. Ugh, hard decisions!
    It will be a good experience for them :)

  2. Oh my! they look so cute! Happy first day of school to your little ones!

  3. Aw! Love their first day of school photos! We did this every year... And our kids have had the whole spectrum of different kinds of schools...homeschool, itty bitty private Christian school, ridiculously huge public school, Department of Defense schools, etc... What I found was a blessings was that I was able to be at each of their schools from kindergarten through high school... yes, I was "that mom" :o) But our kids were fine with that, and it was fun to be there, help, and also the faculty and staff knew who I was and so were wonderful at answering any concerns or questions that might have arose. Like when our son was 14yrs old and had to go through chemo for lymphoma...the school went above and beyond in assisting and making sure he kept on track.

    That is cute that your son was saying "mom no! put the camera away!"

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Enjoy all that the Lord has for you in this time of refreshing!

  4. How great that the school is only a block away and that the kids are excited. :) Sounds like all of you will thrive in this new phase of your sabbatical.

  5. Speaking of your sabbatical, I just saw this in my feed reader and thought of you (and me, too)... practicing soul care

  6. I love these pictures! I hope your kids enjoy their new school!

  7. LOL, your right I've been gone a long time so I missed this post! :) I stopped blogging right before Costa Rica about July 20th and just now picked up again.
    Trying new things to see what works is an adventure! Have fun and enjoy this special time.
    The kids look adorable in their first day pics! :)


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