It's Hot Up In Here!

1:12 AM

It sure has been a hot August!  I think we've only had a few days below 100F.  It's sad when lower 90's starts to feel cool!  The other day we were driving down the road when we spotted this sign.  116 degrees!  Definitely a reminder that summer is not leaving anytime soon... 


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  1. Oh my, that is HOT! I hope you get some cooler weather soon...

  2. It has been hot and humid here by us! With evening thunderstorms and showers almost every definitely is steamy!!!
    And then I remember the temps my hubby would say it was when he was deployed in of those temps was 140+ (not hte heat index temp, but straight up 140+ degrees! )...ew!!! How can that even be possible?

    Stay hydrated & cool, dear friend! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    And thank you sooo much for stopping by and I'm glad that you are sticking with me to my 100th post :o) ...since I manage to barely get one post up a week...getting to my 10th sure has taken a bit of time! :o)


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