Last Days of Summer Break

1:26 AM

We've had a great summer!  Of course, we took that wonderful, fun family vacation!  Even coming back to the sweltering heat, we've found just the right dose of fun.  From that melting crayon craft to splashing around in the water, it's been great. It leaves little time for writing inspiration (see No Words...Just Summer Fun) but much time to be enjoying each other!

melted crayons

Right after we got back from vacation, the kids participated in Vacation Bible School.  I remember working VBS when I was in high school.  Always a fun time!

thinking at vbs

We've also filled our remaining days of summer break with sleepovers, dollar movie outings when it was just too hot to be out, and splashing at Celebration Park!  Fun, fun, fun!  What fun have you enjoyed in your current season?

drops of water

water fun

waiting for the bucket

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a break this weekend to enjoy my birthday!  See you Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jen! I love it when my birthday falls on a weekend. :) Vi is turning 1 this weekend. It's a great time to celebrate!!!

  2. Yes yes last days of Summer call for a break!
    Have fun and again, i love your PICS!

  3. Sounds like yall had a wonderful summer, ours is just about over too,
    love the pictures,
    happy b-day

  4. Enjoy your weekend! The photos are super fun!


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