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We debated before we even left if we should go to Legoland or not.  Joshua is an avid lover of legos.  I couldn't imagine being so close and not going.  However, 4 days at Disneyland...did we really need another theme park adventure?  I brought my kids-get-in-free coupons, compliments of the free Lego magazine that Joshua has been receiving for a few years, just in case.

 new lego friends

joshua and chewy

Three days in, we decided just to ask the kids if they were interested.  I wasn't surprised when they said yes.  We didn't want to use any of our Disneyland days to drive there, so we decided to call up the YWAM San Diego location to see if they would house some fellow YWAMers.  For 2 days we had an entire apartment to ourselves!  It was wonderful.

on top of the shoulders

Back to Legoland.  Quite honestly, it's hard to top Disneyland.  The saving graces were the very short lines and the very cool Lego masterpieces everywhere.  Check out a partial view of Lego USA...

lego usa

With close-ups of some of the cities...I wonder how long it took to build all this!



new york

at the pool

We managed to get Emma G to ride a few roller coasters but left the boys to ride the crazy Bionicle arm that twists you all sorts of ways, including upside down.  No, thank you, I'll just take pictures!


upside down


The kids had fun playing at the water area.  Well, Emma G did until the big bucket filled with water and dumped on her!  She had no idea it was coming!

the big bucket

playing in the water

sitting in the water

Legoland was fun, but if you are ever going to do Disneyland and Legoland in the same trip, I would suggest Legoland first.  It just doesn't compare!  We did have a fun day, though, and ended it by a trip to the famous In-N-Out Burger.  I will admit, my Cali friends, it was good!

in-n-out burger

burger and fries

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  1. Oh, I miss In N Out! The models are amazing!

  2. :O I love legoland! WE love legoland!

  3. did you happen to catch the scriptures on the in-and-out food wrapping?

  4. My husband digs the Chewie, and those models of Lego USA are amazing!! I wonder how you get a job there building Lego models - wouldn't that be the perfect job for your son?

    xo Erin

  5. Wow! It is truly amazing to see all the lego structures! Who thinks of them and seriously, how long do they take to create? Wow!

    And how neat that you all were able to have a place to stay through YWAM.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    it's been fun catching up some on your posts, but I better get going :o)


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