The Mountains of New Mexico

1:17 AM

blue sky 
new mexico

You know how sometimes you come back from a vacation and you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? New Mexico was our vacation from our vacation.  Jeremy's family owns a place up in the mountains.  It's perfect.  Peaceful, light rains daily, temperatures in the 70's, nature and elk all around.  It's so relaxing.

some nature shots taken by my macro filters


bug and flower

purple flower

yellow flower

Because of our fun and busyness at Disneyland, we chose not to pack this time with lots of activity.  Instead we chose to enjoy our surroundings, enjoy nature, and just relax.  Hiking, rides on the golf cart, family movie time all snuggled on the bed, card games, reading, and of course, dinner on the grill were pretty much the extent of our fun.

a little girl

building something

working hard

The kids entertained themselves "building" things while I loved sitting on the back porch watching the hummingbirds that would come to feast on the sugar water and the elk that would graze in the distance.



I love these pictures of Emma G blowing dandelions (which I why I submitted them to Summer Snaps!) because it's such a reminder of summer days.  Blowing dandelions...

blowing dandelions


Thanks for coming along with me on our vacation journey!  This is the last post of the Price Family Vacation.  We will now resume to normal programming...whatever that is!

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  1. Amazing photos Jen, Stunning actually! Love to have join your trip even though I'm on the other side of the world!

  2. I like the colors, indeed it is colorful.Life should be vibrant.

  3. That hummingbird picture is amazing - you are such a talented photographer!


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