Nature Shots

1:14 AM

so delicate

sap from the tree

Being in the woods, among nature, was a perfect time to try out my new macro filters. Joshua also loves taking photos so he would often find something and call me over to take a picture. It’s amazing the detail you can see once you put a filter on. Bugs that you didn’t notice before suddenly become larger than life.

ant on a tree


pine needles

green plant

pine cone


Despite no shower for two days, I loved being in the woods. The quiet, the peacefulness, the nature that was right outside our tent. Being de-plugged from life’s busyness and distractions was so perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing time.  I do believe this type of coming away needs to be regularly worked into my life...

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  1. The first one ad the pine cone are touching. The first one is a no doubt framer. Beautiful

  2. My favourite is the green star-shaped foliage. They're all amazing!

  3. Jen, I totally hear you. This is why we hike every weekend and camp once a month during summer (and sometimes even during winter in a cabin).

    So glad you had a wonderful time.

    renee @ FIMBY

  4. Jen, YOU ARE AMAZING! You need to sell these, somewhere! ETSY maybe? ... Print Shop... yes? I lvoe love love them!


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