The Perfect S'more

1:11 AM

gooey s'more

This has been about the extent of my cooking lately. It’s almost a given when you’re camping, right? Yes, I do believe. I always get my chocolate and graham ready, because once that hot, gooey marshmallow is finished, it needs to go right on that chocolate so that it melts into perfection. The other part to the perfect s’more? Making sure your marshmallow is good and roasted. I’m talking burnt so that you have to blow out the fire that surrounds it. It’s really the only way I like marshmallows.

yes, a s'more!

I leave you with Joshua’s movie quote every time we have s’mores.

“You want a s’more?” 

“Some more what?” 

“No, do you want a s’more?” 

“I haven’t had anything yet, so why would I want some more of nothing?” 

Movie lovers, any guesses where that’s from?

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  1. Followed up by, "You're killing me smalls", which is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

    Johnny Jones

  2. I'm horrible at movie quotes, but that smore looks delicious!

  3. That really does look like the perfect smore!


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