Traveling Along Interstate 40

1:10 AM

welcome to nm

I think it was before we even left Africa to come back to the states, I thought it would be wonderful to do a fun, family vacation. I had this idea to drive to California to go to Disneyland and stop at the Grand Canyon on the way. It literally came down to the week before departure that we were able to book everything and our Disneyland documents arrived just hours before we left! Yes, that’s how we roll sometimes.

jeff and deb

On the way to the Grand Canyon, we stopped off in Albuquerque to stay the night with some friends. It was a great evening with wonderful food, the kids getting creative, and late night laughs. Thank you, Jeff and Debbie!

drawing a rainbow

We left out the next morning bound for our camping adventures! Just over the Arizona state line, we stopped at a rest stop. The sky was amazing. I couldn’t stop taking pictures! These are unedited. Don’t you just love that blue sky!?


beautiful sky


There was much silliness and energy that needed to come out after being cooped up in the car!

welcome to az

pushing a boulder

joshua's handstand

emma's handstand

Tune in tomorrow for our camping fun!

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  1. One of our dreams is to rent or buy a 1968 Impala convertible and drive from Texas to California. So far we've only made it as far as Nevada (driving). Looking forward to all the pictures!

  2. Wow those photos are really awesome! I've always wanted to visit New Mexico. Love it!

  3. Those pictures are stunning! Love your son's rainbow picture, too =)


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