Happy Birthday To Half Of My Family!

1:19 AM


I remember when I heard my due date for Emma Grace and thought, "I hope she gets her own birthday."  I thought it would be horrible to have to share your birthday with someone.  I now realize how silly that was because I absolutely love that Emma Grace and her daddy share a birthday!  And Emma Grace loves it, too.  I've only done one joint party for them in the past 6 years, but I think that will be changing as I see now that she sees part of the celebration is the bond that comes from sharing their special day!

birthday duo

So a big Happy Birthday to my sweet girl and my amazing husband!  I love you both!

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  1. Yea! Gorgeous photos to commemorate a doubly-special day!

  2. Happy Birthday to Emma Grace! No, she doesn't get her "own" special day, but it sounds like she sure enjoys sharing her day with her daddy! I think it's better to share a birthday with someone else than to have your birthday on Christmas! (No, I don't, but I know several that do!)

  3. Happy Birthday to both Emma Grace and her dad!

  4. Great pictures, that's so sweet :)


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