Our Birthday Weekend

1:12 AM

It was a busy weekend here at our house.  Loads of fun, though, as we celebrated the youngest girlie in our family.  I think I've bred a love for birthdays in her.  Last week she was planning her celebration.  It went something like this.  "We need to have a surprise party for mine and daddy's birthday (side note...they share a birthday).  We can go to the mall and come back.  Then everyone will be here and you yell, 'Surprise!'"  Although that was a perfect plan, it didn't quite happen like that.  We did give her one surprise along the way.  One that she's been talking about for months...getting her ears pierced! 

pierced ears

It's one of those things, though, that when the moment actually comes, there's hesitation and contemplation.  We almost didn't go through with it, but when we asked her for the last time if she wanted to get her ears pierced, she decided yes!  I thought two people doing it at the same time would be the best solution.  Maybe it was, however, one of the girls hesitated and pierced one ear too low!  We have to go back and get it redone.  Yea, that should be easy.  :)

licking a cone

We had a lovely party (small which was just perfect) to celebrate Emma G!  I just can't believe how fast my baby is growing up!  Of course, I will have loads of birthday posts coming up, but for now, my girl blowing out her SIX candles!

blowing out the candles

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  1. Too cute! Ice cream always fixes EVERYTHING! ;)

    I'm not gonna lie, I turn 23 on 10-10-10 this year, and I am STILL scared to get my ears pierced! I've had my nose pierced, a tattoo AND my lip pierced, but my ears, man. I just can't get to it. Maybe this year for my bday I'll make that HUGE leap, b/c that date only comes once in a lifetime. ;)

  2. Bless her heart...re done??? Oh no!

    Happy birthday to your Emma G!

  3. Oh bless her heart! Another piercing... in Australia because I had three ear piercings I had to have an extra blood tests as part of my permanent residency application. Only two is fine, but three puts you in a whole different category, apparently! We're a special bunch... :)

  4. Happy birthday to Emma G - and your hubby!

  5. Aw, she's growing up so fast! She's going to need another birthday present as a reward for getting one ear REpierced! :)


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