1:16 AM

It was a weekend with just me and the kids.  I think we had plenty of fun together!

saturday morning donut time!

eating a donut

a very fun art project that i can't reveal too much about just yet!


i made another batch of pesto for the freezer
this time dragging out the food processor...works much better than the blender for this.

pesto ingredients

the kids kept themselves very entertained with activities for their cool club rangers troop!
with each completed activity they made badges...i love creativity at work!

cool club rangers

that gave me the chance to fill a knitting order!

texas longhorns scarf

by 7 pm sunday night, 30 minutes shy of bedtime, 
this is how i found miss emma on the couch

fast asleep

Guess that's evidence of a great weekend!  How was yours?

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  1. Looks like fun! How clever to make their own badges.

    We took a day trip and enjoyed the sunshine. Spring has arrived in Perth!

  2. I love weekend photos, they make me feel so relaxed on a hectic Monday! Love Emma's face!

  3. Your pictures are SO good!
    I almost feel I am just right there!

    BTW, I just ordered Heart of Dakota Curriculum.... I recall you said you were using it...how do you like it so far?


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