Being Among Nature

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green branch

acorn among leaves

One of the things I was excited about with going on a personal retreat was that I would be surrounded by nature. Everyone’s different with different preferences, but I love the quiet and beauty of nature around me. I didn’t do any hiking. I went to a “sanctuary” so they strive to preserve everything in its natural habitat. Exploring is welcomed but as I read over the list, it deterred me. Snakes, well, I don’t like them but nothing could be worse than Africa’s black mamba, right? Poison ivy, now that one I can’t handle. One brush with that stuff and it spreads through my body like a wildfire, and it just happened to be the cause of my most embarrassing moment ever. Better avoid it than risk it...or be embarrassed again. There was much to enjoy right outside my door, especially as I sat in the rocker on my porch and soaked in the peace and quiet that engulfed me.

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  1. We frequently had to bathe in laundry detergent after playing at my grandparents' place because of the poison ivy. It really varies how it affects people, and I'm so sorry you were once so embarrassed!


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